1952 Fender Telecaster bass guitar

Keith richards signature model Telecaster

For instance, 1952 fender telecaster tried bending the third string at the 2nd fret for your archetypal Muddy Waters or Hendrix blues lick; you might find the string slipping from under your fingers due to the low wires. Conversely, bash out barre chords for two hours and the cambered ‘board makes 1952 fender telecaster easy, whereas on your modern ‘flat board and big frets’ Fender it can be tiring.


For years we got around the fretting issue by perseverance for 1952 fender telecaster, and the fact that if the old guard could do it, then nothing was going to stop us trying. Just as with the 1952 fender telecaster, if you use a lot of string bending in your playing, you will need to have that action higher than you would on a flatter ‘board. It’s a matter of preference though.

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