1952 Telecaster guitars for sale

Keith richards fender deluxe

The ‘1952 telecaster is the heaviest of the three mentioned – not by much, but enough to notice. It’s got a big U neck, too, a shape that Fender has gone to great lengths to recreate, along with all the other classic profiles on offer across the range. It makes for a remarkable handful and, again, some of us like that while some of us really don’t. The effect is softened with wonderfully ‘rolled’ edges along the one-piece neck.


The new ‘Flash Coat’ lacquer 1952 telecaster finish does drag, but we found a silicon-impregnated cloth helped. For certain, this guitar feels tougher to play than more modern Standards and super-tweaked Custom Shop models. Tougher isn’t always negative, however – many players insist on some fight in the guitar to bring out the best in their technique and tone.

You’d have to say that these days, what with flatter fingerboards and bigger frets being the ‘norm’ on Fenders rather than the exception, 1952 telecaster is easy to forget how early Fenders were trickier to play in some respects and easier in others.

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