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Keith Richards has played plenty of guitars over the years, but he’s most readily identified with the Fender Telecaster. From 1975 to well into the 1980s, a black Tele Custom (pictured) was his main standard tuning electric onstage. It also proved useful when discouraging stage invasions.

One of Keith’s most iconic guitars is Micawber, the early 1950s butterscotch Tele he’s owned since Exile On Main St. that’s his number one open-G guitar. Strung with just five strings (G D G B D low-high) and featuring a replacement brass six-saddle bridge and a Gibson PAF in the neck position, if one guitar is the sound of The Rolling Stones, it’s this.

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Keith Richards‘ 12 Most Kick Ass Riffs  the solo, and throughout the song their guitars weave interchangeably, but the woozy riff is pure Richards.  Another cut from ‘Exile On Main Street’, Mick Taylor’s slide guitar is great 

Guitar legends are often praised for their dexterity, skill, and a stellar sense of rhythm. But the most overlooked talent of the guitarist is the masterful facial aerobics they must perform when giving life to an amazing solo.

As Guitar Month comes to a close at CBC Music, we’re sharing a few of our favourite guitar faces from Canadians and Americans alike. From Danko Jones’ ‘o-face’ to Alex Lifeson’s ‘I gotta go-face’, we’ve collected a few great moments of axe men and women getting lost in the jam. While we initially wanted to make this a gallery comprised entirely of John Mayer guitar faces, the good folks at Coed Magazine beat us to the punch.

Flip through our gallery, share your own captions for our photos, and let us know which is your favourite in the comments below. If there’s a great guitar face we’ve missed, share it. 

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Keith Richards 1882 Bosendorfer Model 170piano that was also owned by Mick Jagger. Keith purchased this piano from Mick and it was used on The Rolling Stones 1981 American Tour and is featured in The Rolling Stones movie “Let’s Spend The Night Together”.

`Originally in white finish, It has been restored back to the original black finish and it is constructed from exotic mahogany, spruce, maple, walnut and elder.We have the complete history from manufacture to ownership on this piano.   Continue Reading…

Keith richards white guitar

Keith Richards and Jack White have “recorded a couple of tracks” together and might be releasing the new material within a few months.

“I enjoy working with Jack,” Richards toldRolling Stone. “We’ve done a couple of tracks. I don’t know if [Jack] ever considered that it was actually, like, master cuts. But at the same time if Jack wanted to do it, I’d probably say, ‘Yeah.’ I know Jack pretty well. He’s a lovely player.”

The Rolling Stones guitarist also mentioned the possibility of recording some new material with his usual cohorts, The Rolling Stones. He said the band will be getting together next month to discuss plans.

“We’re going to talk about that in July and see,” Richards said. “I mean, I’d love to get some tracks down and see what songs we’ve got. And that goes along with part of getting the band back together and getting things moving. So I’d love to cut some tracks, yeah.”

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I’ve been hunting about the internet for the pickups Keith Richards uses in his tele– Micawber as he  Fuzzy Guitars the guy who invented fire’s Avatar  Also, Fender Japan Released a Keith Richards Micawber Tele Replica.Through the Exile On Main St. period, Keith Richards started to use this electric guitar. When making use of this specific instrument, Keith usually tuned in Open G (DGDGBD) and took off the sixth string (we did not take off the 6th string, simply because not all electric guitar fans could accept that; additionally, it’s actually very easy for people to get rid of it by themselves). You can say that Keith’s special electric guitar design is inextricably joined using this tuning technique.

KeiTh richards martin guitar

This time we look at Keith Richards‘ acoustic wizardry!  From that foundation he moved on to the acoustic guitar at age 12 or 13. …. For this 5-string part, Keith removed the sixth string from his Martin acoustic, just as he does Stones’ 2008 concert film Shine A Light, directed by Martin Scorsese. After the song, Keith Richards took off his guitar – one of his favorites – and gave it to Guy, a guitarist whose influence Richards has noted numerous 

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When it comes to making records and playing live, Keith is flexible classic Exile On Main St due out next week, guitarist Keith Richards is in a nostalgic mood, …. New guitar gear of the month: review round-up (June 2013) What were some of the guitar rigs that Keith and Mick Taylor used? The majority of the time  80% was the Ampeg setup. Keith had a very  What can you say about the interplay between Mick Taylor and Keith Richards? Mick would play the 

KeiTh richards electric guitar

The Keith Richards guitar sound is probably the main reason The Rolling Stones are still together. He is a founding member of “The Stones” who are one of the very few superstar bands from the 1960’s. Who are still in existance and still recording.They’ve had an amazing incredible music career.

They are known as the “Worlds Greatest Rock”n”Roll Band”…Geez…who comes up with these names some guy who worked promotions for the circus?…But anyways….The Keith Richards guitar stylings are famous for his inovative rhythm guitar playing interspersed with lead guitar playing as well.And Keith along with MickJagger are the songwriters in the band too. Ever heard of “Satisfaction”,”Wild Horses”,”Angie”…the list of hits goes on and on and Keith has written a million of em….OK…maybe not a million,but it seems like it. And I”m sure his bank account reflects it.

And about Keith Richards songwriting a musician friend of mine said…”Yeah he’s written alot of hits…. but he’s been writing the same song over and over again for the last 45 yrs.”….I think he’s just jealous of Keith.And besides Keith hasn’t written the same song over and over again for 45 yrs…..he’s changed the words in each song…..I’m just joking….I’m a big fan of the Keith Richards guitar playing. Just keep him away from the drugs….joking again….Keith has been clean and sober for years and is the well-respected elder statesman of Rock”n”Roll.

And he really has a unique guitar style,a great rhythm,and great feel. In the early days of The Stones after the declining mental state of Stones Lead Guitarist Brian Jones left him less able to contribute to the band. Keith is credited with most of the recorded guitar parts,including slide,rhytmn,and Lead guitar etc…Another thing that makes Keith unique as a rhythm guitarist is that he uses open string tunings as well as standard tunings for some of his guitar intros. Songs like “Street Fighting Man,””Brown Sugar,” have a variation on the open G tuning of GDGBE with no bottom 6 string that’s why those Stones guitar intros get that open string ringing sound.