Keith richards Telecaster Bridge

If you are like me and love the Fender Telecaster but cannot deal with the unwanted microphonic feedback from the bridge pickup then this article will help you with tips to reduce or eliminate it.

The first issue is the pickup itself. The pickup must be wax potted. This is a process of dipping the pickup in a wax bath to solidify the coil windings around the bobbin and magnet poles. This is not as easy as it sounds. There is a method and a science to it including wax material, temperature of the wax and duration of the bath. Some manufacturers even use a vacuum system to completely impregnate the coil. All current production guitar pickups are wax potted so this variable is eliminated. On some vintage units however the wax potting step was either done very quickly or skipped to speed up production making for a highly microphonic pickup. Some players choose to replace the vintage unit with a current production model. Lindy Fralin pickups of Richmond, Virginia offers repair and potting services and also has a full line of replacement pickups for many applications The next thing to look at is the elevator plate. This is the steel plate (usually copper plated) that is attached to the bottom of the pickup bobbin. This plate serves two purposes, first to reflect the magnetic field up toward the strings (increasing midrange frequencies) and second to mount the pickup to the bridge plate.

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