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Keith richards signature fender

About the piece: This sleek white Fender Squire Stratocaster Guitar was signed by the incomparable guitar legend, Keith Richards – a guitar god to many. Bryan and his team were on hand at LAX airport in Los Angeles in June of 2007 when Keith was leaving Los Angeles after attending the World Premier of “Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End.”


Signing description: Bryan was able to capture a picture of Keith signing this exact guitar and also able to take a picture with the living legend himself inside the airport – with Keith even sporting his Pirates of the Caribbean Headband as only Keith Richards could! This guitar was inscribed “with love” and “2007,”  signed meticulously in a blue vis-a-vis felt-tip marker.

Keith richards fender deluxe

This is the place for all you Keith Richards and Stones fans ! If you want to know about the equipment of Keith Richards and how to achieve his sound, read on ….

BSM Tone Chart
For an instant ticket into Keith-Soundland, take a good Telecaster and set your amp to clean with just a tad of tube break-up. When you hit the strings really hard, you´ll get these subtle crunch with full chords. If you want more distortion, take the BSM RPA Special Booster and dial in more gain to sound seriously dirty. The RPA will do it with low wattage amps like a Fender Deluxe, but it has also enough gain to fire up a ´57 Fender Tweed Twin or a Vox AC 30

Two more treblebooster could be a good choice, if this is not your cup of tea: The BSM VX-T and the BSM Ambassador. Both are able to deliver some sweet low mids, which help to create this full ringing and dirty chords, Mr. Richard´s trademark

Keith richards fender custom

Make no bones about it: the 70s Fender Telecaster Custom is one of the coolest guitars ever bandsawn. Launched in 1972, the iconic black and chrome model is muscle-car handsome, made sexier still thanks to its association with Keith Richards.

“Fender has distilled the Custom’s aesthetic into its more affordable Indonesia-sourced Squier Vintage Modified Series”
Slinging a Custom around your neck is one of the easiest ways to up your rock ‘n’ roll credibility, but even the Mexican-built Fender Classic Series ’72 Telecaster Custom has an official price tag of £946. That’s a lot of cash, so Fender has distilled the Custom’s aesthetic into its more affordable Indonesia-sourced Squier Vintage Modified Series.

Cosmetically, the basswood-bodied Squier Tele Custom looks almost identical to its illustrious ancestor, with the most obvious reference point being the large Wide Range humbucker in the neck. The idea of the Custom’s layout was that you got the classic punchy treble of a Tele single-coil bridge pickup and creamy warmth akin to a Gibson neck humbucker. The Wide Range pickup was put together by Seth Lover, the genius who designed the humbucker for Gibson in June 1955.

Keith richards fender stratocaster

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Keith richards fender Telecaster humbucker

Fender Telecaster Custom is a model of electric guitar made by Fender a more powerful humbucker pickup would give the Telecaster a second rock voice to players of the time picked up on the Tele Custom apart from Keith Richards, who You can also post double humbucker or single humbucker Tele’s if you wish although Double and Single Humbucker Fender guitar’s (Strats or Teles) are kind of sacrilege to me as I’m ….. Seems to work ok for Keith Richards!Keith Richards‘ “Micawber” Telecaster is one of the most iconic guitars in Rock and Roll.  Because a humbucker can produce a somewhat “dark” tone, former Fender employees – say he uses an early Telecaster bridge 

Keith richards fender Telecaster custom

Fender · Custom Shop · Squier  Watch: Keith Richards Using His Tele As a Weapon. Posted on February 13, 2012 at 3:49 pm. Written by MDuffy. There are several ways to use a Telecaster, but the most logical of which is to play music.

As guitarists, we all want to be different. It’s written somewhere in the universal DNA of every six-string slinger, and we’re all slaves to it. You want your own style, your own sound, and a guitar that the adoring masses will associate with you and you alone.

Well, Keith Richards may have nabbed the Telecaster, but Fender’s Mexican-made FSR (Factory Special Run) dares to be different, with a quirky, limited-edition twist on the classic format to invoke a sense of exclusivity.

“With just 42 examples available in the UK, they’ve certainly got the all-important rarity factor”
You need only take a cursory look at the FSR Telecaster Custom to see the concept in action: tried and tested shapes given a seductive makeover and packed full of unusual features. Plus, with just 42 examples available in the UK, they’ve certainly got the all-important rarity factor.

There’s no denying the FSR Tele delivers in the looks department, especially in the Sunset Orange finish we got our paws on. It looks warm to the touch, and the cream binding paired with white soapbar pickups sets the whole ensemble off in style. There’s an abundance of retro touches here, too, from the bullet truss rod nut to the black knobs and pickup selector, lending this Tele an air of sophistication.

fender Keith richards

Hard Rock Café turned 40 recently and as part of the celebration they’re opening their memorabilia vault to the public. TG was invited down for an exclusive look at some of the many wondrous guitars donated by rock music’s most renowned alumni.

Check out Total Guitar issue 215 (on sale 13 May – 9 June) for more information on the Hard Rock Café vault and a look at some of the collection’s finest guitars.

Keith Richards Fender Telecaster

Last week, the Rolling Stones uploaded the below video to their YouTube channel featuring a 1981 performance of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” at Hampton Coliseum in Virginia.

As the video’s description points out, halfway through the song, a fan jumps on stage and makes a run at frontman Mick Jagger. Like any good guitarist/bandmate would do, Keith Richards thinks fast and fends off the fan using his Fender Telecaster. Check out the video below for all the action (which starts at around 1:10 into the video.)

Keith Richards Fender

The Rolling Stones have created some of the most iconic music of the past fifty years, and from the very beginning, the creative soul of the Stones has been guitarist Keith Richards and singer Mick Jagger. Typically, Keith would come up with a riff or two and maybe a lyric line or a title, Mick would come back with lyrics and a melody. Together, they would work out a song from the elements, one of hundreds they would contribute to the rock and roll canon. Their decades in the studio and on stage represent an essential part of the history of rock, just as the tales of their rock and roll excess are now the stuff of legend. While others might not have been able to achieve, or endure, such a long and storied career, Keith Richards has thrived through his love of both the music, and the tools of his trade.

Keith Richards is said to have a collection of more than 3,000 guitars of every imaginable model, but he jokes “Give me five minutes and I’ll make ‘em all sound the same.” He admits that it is probably too many guitars, since he doesn’t have enough time to play all of them, and he announced in 2008 that he wanted to open a museum. Out of all of those guitars, there are several standouts in his collection that he does play regularly, and a few historical instruments that deserve special attention. Let’s take a few minutes to look at them.