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Keith richards guitar Telecaster

Keith Richards has played plenty of guitars over the years, but he’s most readily identified with the Fender Telecaster. From 1975 to well into the 1980s, a black Tele Custom (pictured) was his main standard tuning electric onstage. It also proved useful when discouraging stage invasions.

One of Keith’s most iconic guitars is Micawber, the early 1950s butterscotch Tele he’s owned since Exile On Main St. that’s his number one open-G guitar. Strung with just five strings (G D G B D low-high) and featuring a replacement brass six-saddle bridge and a Gibson PAF in the neck position, if one guitar is the sound of The Rolling Stones, it’s this.

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If your planning on replacing the neck and bridge then….well good luck! If you keep those parts the sky’s the limit. I would add that I’ve found almost nothing which fits an SX after market. There isn’t a single piece of Fender spec gear any where on my SX Tele. Even the control plate was non stock. If you’re looking for a good player with hot looks, check out a Douglas Gravity (from Rondo). I recently reviewed this little honey over at FG and she’s a keeper.

Keith richards with Telecaster

Rolling Stone Keith RICHARDS did add the Custom to his favourite instruments but he also remained faithful to his ’54 Telecaster retrofitted with a Gibson Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones demonstrates how to protect yourself and your band mates on stage. Touring life is rough most of the Keith’s main standard tuning guitar from 1975 to around 1988 was a black 1972Telecaster Custom with a Fender humbucker in the neck position, a Schecter 

Keith richards white Telecaster


Read the Buying guide for the Telecaster Guitar Buying Guide at Musician’s Friend. Get the best selection,  Country – Albert Lee, Brad Paisley, Merle Haggard, ClarenceWhite; Rock – Keith Richards, Joe Strummer, Bruce Springsteen, John 5 Soon after, a young Keith Richards, playing guitar in a little-known band called  Around 1973, Richards toted a luscious, white, 3-pickup SG Custom,  Nary a Tele or any other brands in sight other than Gibsons and Keith’s Soon after, a young Keith Richards, playing guitar in a little-known band called  Around 1973, Richards toted a luscious, white, 3-pickup SG Custom,  Nary a Tele or any other brands in sight other than Gibsons and Keith’s 

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Telecasters: why they are great and tips for achieving your desired Teletone  at pictures of a blond maple neck Tele in the Bells Musical Instruments mail the solo in Stairway is played on a TelecasterKeith Richards uses A guitar as simple and spartan as the Telecaster is well suited to the Highway One concept  Keith Richards is one player of note who favours the tonal ‘push’ of heavier Telecasters 2 Hot Vintage Tele® Single-Coil Pickups The ingeniously simple design, the bolt-on neck, and the slab body all  the guitar’s universal capabilities: Muddy Waters, Keith Richards, James Burton, Bruce  Fender American Vintage Telecasters offer all the classic features you seek from 

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Keith richards Telecaster sunburst

With a music career that has now hit 50 years (The Rolling Stones performed their first gig on July 12, 1962), Keith (Keef) Richards has played just about every guitar under the sun. He puts his collection at “about 500”, which, amazingly, means he’s acquired a guitar every five weeks, on average, since 1962. Many of these have been Gibson guitars, some with legendary status. Here are just a few of the Gibson guitars Richards has riffed on.

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Sunburst

Even some ardent Gibson Les Paul fans forget this, but Keith Richards was the first big-name guitarist to tote a Sunburst Les Paul. His most fabled was an original 1959 Les Paul Standard. The guitar was bought new in 1961 from Farmers Music Store in Luton (U.K.) by John Bowen, who played with aspiring English popsters Mike Dean & The Kinsmen. Bowen had a Bigsby vibrato fitted at Selmer’s music store in London before trading it for another guitar in 1962. Soon after, a young Keith Richards, playing guitar in a little-known band called The Rolling Stones, walked in to Selmer’s and bought it.

Richards used the ’Burst extensively in the Stones’ early days. It was seen regularly from 1964 to 1966 when Keith began to favor Les Paul Customs. Appearances on TV show Ready Steady Go and classic songs like “The Last Time” and “Satisfaction” were all played on this ’59 ’Burst.

Keef sold the guitar to Mick Taylor in 1967 – the future Stone had replaced fellow Les Paul maestros Peter Green (and before him, Eric Clapton) in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers.

There are photos of Mick Jagger with the ’59 Burst at some 1970 recording sessions – by which time Taylor was in The Stones – but it then disappeared. Rumor has it that the guitar was stolen in 1971, either from London’s Marquee Club after a gig, or from Nellcote in southern France during the recording of Exile on Main St. Whatever the truth, it did end up in the hands of Cosmo Verrico of the Heavy Metal Kids who were signed to Atlantic Records (alongside The Stones).

Verrico owned the ’59 until 1974, when he then sold it to Bernie Marsden (later of Whitesnake). Marsden kept the guitar for a little over a week before, perhaps rashly; he sold it to a U.K. collector. The fabled ’59 was sold again to another collector in 2006, “somewhere in Europe” according to auctioneers.

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Keith Richards Guitar Gear and Equipment.  Click the gear images for more info & specs at Musician’s Friend Cool. Fun fact: In Guitar World Keith Richards Fender American Vintage Series ’52 Telecaster Electric Guitar A guitar as simple and spartan as the Telecaster is well suited to the into line with what is usually regarded as the definitive Telecaster specificationtone, Keith Richards is one player of note who favours the tonal ‘push’ of 

This particular fifty three telecaster is called Micawber, which is probably the most generally utilized guitar of Keith Richards and was restructured from a 1953 Fender Telecaster. Creamy body, black pickguard, which were strictly completed by our luthiers. Micawber is said for being named following a figure Wilkins Micawber in Dickens book David Copperfield, however the precise cause is not known. Totally different from other Telecaster, Micawber had dual-coil pick-ups in neck (Naturally, our replicas also provide dual-coil pick-ups mounted on the neck).


In the Exile On Main St. period of time, Keith Richards began to utilize this Keith Richards Tele instrument. When utilizing this particular electric guitar, Keith normally tuned in Open G (DGDGBD) and took off the 6th string (we didn’t get rid of the sixth string, since not all electric guitar lovers can approve that; furthermore, it is very simple for users to remove it by themselves). You can state that Keiths distinctive guitar style is inextricably associated using this adjusting strategy.

Keith richards Telecaster signature

And when Keef straps on his Telecaster, musical etiquette goes out of the  And though it’s likely you’re never going to recreate Keith Richards‘ guitar  to include 80 models—it is possible for you to nail his signature sound.Like any good guitarist/bandmate would do, Keith Richards thinks fast and fends off the fan using his Fender Telecaster. Check out the video  Review: DiMarzio Gravity Storm Steve Vai Signature Pickups. 13 hours 45 min There hasn’t been a U.S. Fender KR Tele, but there was a Keith Richards Signature Model made in Japan in 1996; labeled ‘Fender CIJ’ (short 

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Keith Richards is an English musician, composer, 1 of the founding members of the Rolling Stones. Rolling Stones magazine claimed that Richards has produced rocks best single body of riffs, and confirmed him to be the No. ten finest guitarist. Because the lead guitarist in the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards is famous for his addict to alcohol and drugs, and his riotous and erosive life style, as well as his great guitar talents. In his personal sayings, he perfected fools arts. He is a true rock guitarist, improving the straight ahead rock ‘n roll music developed by Chuck Berry and turning up the volume. Keith Richards demonstrated that rhythm guitar might be played like lead guitar, and he composed the Telecaster Keith Richards guitar charm deepened to the complete band thus the audiences concerned more about music rather than the instrument alone. Keith Richards consequently modified the impact to rock guitar amongst people. There exists a Uk slogan, a rolling stone gathers no moss, meaning the constant motion will consistently keep the vigor of life. Whilst the Rolling Stone band, popular in the world from sixties, verified this statement with their 40 years continual efforts.