Keith Richards Telecaster Custom

The ’72 Road Worn Telecaster Custom and ’72 Road Worn Telecaster Deluxe are great axes for players who love the worn-in vibe of a vintage instrument and want something a little different from the norm.


While the Standard Telecaster reigns as one of the most popular solidbody guitars of all time, Fender’s humbucker-equipped Telecaster variations—like the Custom and Deluxe, both introduced in 1972—have more of a cult following. However, both models have found favor with great players who don’t always run with the herd. Keith Richards is one of a handful of guitarists who adopted the Telecaster Custom and its unique humbucker neck/single-coil bridge configuration, while Thom Yorke, Lee Ranaldo and Dave Grohl count among the dual-humbucker Telecaster Deluxe’s devoted fans.

Fender recently added Telecaster Custom and Deluxe models to its expanding, popular line of Road Worn guitars, which have the aged look and worn-in feel of a well-loved battle-ax. Both models are relatively accurate reproductions of the original versions, but they sell for three to four times less than what you’d pay for their vintage counterparts.

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