Fender 52 Reissue Telecaster guitar collection

Keith richards fender stratocaster

First bone of contention: the blonde finish. Chris Fleming says: “It looks to me – this is what we believe – that the 1952 fender 52 reissue telecaste were originally blonde and they turned a bit brown-ish or butterscotch or yellow over a period of time because of the formulation of the lacquer they used. Then in ’65 or so the lacquer changed and it stopped yellowing in that way and started looking like the American Vintage ‘ fender 52 reissue telecaste, which is kind of a whiter blonde. After the colour we put on a thin clear top coat.


“So all of the guitars have a base, white wash coat but the blond Teles and the one blonde Strat all have a sunburst around the edges in white, including the ‘ fender 52 reissue telecaste, which then gets its extra colour. We spent a lot of time on this and it was really hard for production to get consistent colour matches. But now we’re pretty happy.”

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