Keith richards fender deluxe

This is the place for all you Keith Richards and Stones fans ! If you want to know about the equipment of Keith Richards and how to achieve his sound, read on ….

BSM Tone Chart
For an instant ticket into Keith-Soundland, take a good Telecaster and set your amp to clean with just a tad of tube break-up. When you hit the strings really hard, you´ll get these subtle crunch with full chords. If you want more distortion, take the BSM RPA Special Booster and dial in more gain to sound seriously dirty. The RPA will do it with low wattage amps like a Fender Deluxe, but it has also enough gain to fire up a ´57 Fender Tweed Twin or a Vox AC 30

Two more treblebooster could be a good choice, if this is not your cup of tea: The BSM VX-T and the BSM Ambassador. Both are able to deliver some sweet low mids, which help to create this full ringing and dirty chords, Mr. Richard´s trademark

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