Keith richards Telecaster guitar

I’ve been hunting about the internet for the pickups Keith Richards uses in his tele– Micawber as he calls it. If anyone could tell me I would be  guy who invented fire is offline. Fuzzy Guitars the guy who invented fire’s Avatar 

Keith Richards has many different guitars and each has it’s own unique style and sound. I am going to talk about some of my favorite Kieth Richards Guitar gear and how each guitar has been used and it’s features.

While this could be a never ending story, I have always found Keith’s guitars to be fascinating. Did you know that the Keith Richards Guitar Collection is one of the biggest in the world with somewhere in the neighborhood of three thousand guitars? Yep, you read it right, three thousand of them. I thought I was doing good with ten.

I plan on adding more and more to this page as I discover more about Keith Richards guitar collection, so please keep checking back.

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