Keith richards Telecaster humbucKer

I just don’t get it. Nu metal guitar players with signature Telecasters? When I think of Telecasters, I think of country, rock-a-billy, studio musicians who need super bright clean tones or “hot country” with snap. With humbuckers it doesn’t seem here or there…and with the dark, moody graphics, almost like a trendy fashion statement. How could humbuckers on a Telecaster sound more beefy than on a Paul or even a Strat? Telecasters are like cool, clean rivers of pristine with a little grit added for good measure IMO. Just my opinion, or maybe I’m not in on the new Brootalz? Does a Telecaster actually sound better with humbuckers? Granted you have the neck pick up for cleans. Maybe with mountains of gain, the point becomes moot?

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