Keith richards guitar solos

Keith Richards‘ 12 Most Kick Ass Riffs  the solo, and throughout the song their guitars weave interchangeably, but the woozy riff is pure Richards.  Another cut from ‘Exile On Main Street’, Mick Taylor’s slide guitar is great 

Guitar legends are often praised for their dexterity, skill, and a stellar sense of rhythm. But the most overlooked talent of the guitarist is the masterful facial aerobics they must perform when giving life to an amazing solo.

As Guitar Month comes to a close at CBC Music, we’re sharing a few of our favourite guitar faces from Canadians and Americans alike. From Danko Jones’ ‘o-face’ to Alex Lifeson’s ‘I gotta go-face’, we’ve collected a few great moments of axe men and women getting lost in the jam. While we initially wanted to make this a gallery comprised entirely of John Mayer guitar faces, the good folks at Coed Magazine beat us to the punch.

Flip through our gallery, share your own captions for our photos, and let us know which is your favourite in the comments below. If there’s a great guitar face we’ve missed, share it. 

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