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Keith richard Telecaster

Keith Richards was asked about this in a 1986 Guitar World interview. Keith just said, “Give me a few minutes and I’ll make ’em all sound the same.” There hasn’t been a U.S. Fender KR Tele, but there was a Keith Richards Signature Model made in Japan in 1996; labeled ‘Fender CIJ’ (short for ‘Crafted In Japan’). These are Tele Custom style, with a Humbucker in the neck-position, and a Natural Ash finish. They sell for about $2000 used./ As noted, KR does have ‘signature’ guitar strings. They are Ernie Ball “Keith Richards” Special Five String Set (.011 .015 .018 .030 .042). The package says “Not For Sale” though; have to be custom-made by the Ernie Ball shop./ Personally, I’d make a ‘KR Model’ be a Swamp Ash Tele Custom Shop ‘Relic/Aged’ style,(with extra drop-marks on the bottom). Would probably be a big seller!/ Keith is mostly known for his famous 1953 Fender Blonde Telecaster called ‘Micawber’. He keeps this in Open G Tuning; and has the 6th string removed./ His 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘Burst (with Bigsby) has been quite famous. It’s known as the “Keith Burst” guitar. (it’s currently for sale at ‘richardhenryguitars.com’ brokerage firm)./ Keith also has/plays the first known surviving Fender Twin Amp (serial #00003). A ‘signature’ KR Twin would also be cool./ According to his guitar tech’s site, Keith has over 3000 guitars. He plays these (about ten) main electric guitars -each with their own name- for a full show, depending. Probably any of these could be ‘Keith Richards Signature’ Models: 1954 Fender Telecaster, Natural finish; 1966 Fender Telecaster Sunburst; 1975 Fender Telecaster Custom; 1957 Fender ‘Mary Kay’ Stratocaster; 1957 Gibson Les Paul DC TV yellow; 1959 Gibson ES-355 Mono; 1964 Gibson 345 Stereo; also a clear Dan Armstrong guitar; a new custom Zemaitis, and several Acoustics guitars.