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Keith richards black Telecaster custom

As many of us are aware, Keith’s main standard tuning guitar from 1975 to around 1988 was a black Telecaster Custom. I believe he picked it up on the Stones’ ’75 Tour of the Americas, and he began using it heavily on the ’76 Tour of Europe. It was subsequently a big part of his sound during the late ’70s Paris Pathe Marconi sessions that resulted in “Some Girls”, “Emotional Rescue” and “Tattoo You”. It was also his main stage guitar on the Stones tours of America and elsewhere in ’78 and ’81-’82. There is great footage of him playing it during the concert film “Let’s Spend The Night Together” from the ’81 US tour, including the infamous scene where a fan jumps onstage and Keith swings his Custom at him. Tele Customs are apparently are also great for self-defense! Anyway, Keith also used his Custom for the Chuck Berry film “Hail, Hail Rock And Roll!” in ’86 and during the sessions for his ’88 solo debut “Talk Is Cheap”. It was notably missing from his gear on the 1989 “Steel Wheels” tour and during the ’90’s Keith was seen peforming with Music Man Silhouettes and Gibsons (Les Pauls and 335s) as much as his open G tuned Teles. Keith has stated on his Website that the weight of the Custom accounts for it’s absence from the stage. However, I have seen recent footage and pics of him playing both his original black Custom, as well as a white one on the Stones’ current tour. My point is that I think it really says something about the Tele Custom if Keith Richards favored one for so long, using it alongside his ’50s Teles, both on record and onstage. I certainly love my ’72 Custom and Deluxe Re-issues. Even though there are some differences, I think Fender has done a great job retaining the spirit of the originals with the re-issues.
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Keith richards black Telecaster

Keith Richards is really a United Kingdom musician, composer, one of the founding members of the Rolling Stones. Rolling Stones magazine said that Richards has produced rocks finest single body of riffs, and confirmed him to be the No.10 greatest guitar player. As the lead guitar performer from the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards is famous for his addict to drugs and alcohol, and his riotous and erosive lifestyle, as well as his excellent guitar capabilities. In his individual speech, he developed fools arts. He is a real rock guitarist, improving the straight ahead rock and roll music produced by Chuck Berry and turning up the volume. Keith Richards verified that rhythm guitar may be played just like lead guitar, and he fashioned the guitar appeal deepened into the total band as a result the audiences concerned more about music rather than just the guitar itself. Keith Richards therefore changed the impact to rock guitar amid people. There exists a Uk saying, a rolling stone collects no moss, which implies the continuous motion will consistently retain the vigor of life. As the Rolling Stone band, hot globally from sixties, verified this statement with their 40 years constant efforts.