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Keith richards blonde Telecaster

Micawber is the name of Keith’s main Fender Telecaster. It is an early 50’s
butterscotch color model with a black pickguard & a stock 3 way switch. The
sixth string is removed, it’s always tuned to open G (G,D,G,B,D) low to
high with no capo. Gauges .011,.015,.018,.030,.042. It has replacement
tuners & a brass replacement bridge with individual saddles, and the nut is
cut to accomodate 5 strings-they aren’t evenly spaced across the
fingerboard, but the first string is moved a bit to keep it from going over
the edge. It has a Gibson PAF humbucker in neck position, original Tele
pickup in the bridge position. It is warm & thick sounding & can be heard
on such live tracks as “Before They Make Me Run”, “Brown Sugar”, “Mixed
Emotions”, and “Honky Tonk Women”.

Keith’s second Tele is also from the 50’s. It has a black pickguard,five
strings, natural finish so that you can see the grain in the body. The
pickups & mods are the same as Micawber & this Tele stays capoed at the 4th
fret. Keith uses Shubb capoes. Tuned in B: B, F#,B, D#,F#. This Tele is a
little louder and somewhat brighter than Micawber and can be heard onstage
for Tumbling Dice, Happy, Jumping jack Flash.