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Keith richards guitars

Micawber’ is probably one of Keith’s most famous trademark guitars and is a 1953 Fender Telecaster Blonde. Micawber is named after a Charles Dickens character, no one is exactly sure why. Keith’s had this guitar since Exile On Main St. This guitar is kept in Open G tuning (G,D,G,B,D) low to high with no capo, and of course has the famous 5 strings with the 6th string removed (as do all his open G tuned guitars).

Keith richards on Telecaster

For sale- 1994 Made In Japan Fender Telecaster Keith Richards Sonny tribute, model #TL67-SPL. The guitar is in pristine condition, with no dings or scratches other than a small nick on the 2nd fret that does not effect playability. The frets are in very good shape with little wear. The neck position humbucker is a PU-2 from a Greco EG800C Les Paul, and sounds awesome. The bridge pickup and brass bridge plate are original. This is a very versatile guitar. It twangs and does smokey blues equally great, but it can rock out too. The build quality is as good or better than a USA Fender. Comes with hard case.

Keith Richards Telecaster

There are several ways to use a Telecaster, but the most logical of which is to play music.

But many years back, Keith Richards took a different approach.

During a 1981 performance in Hampton, Va., a fan ran up to Stones’ singer Mick Jagger in the middle of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,” and Richards was there to subdue the person with his guitar.

We’ve blogged about this incident before, but the clip resurfaced through the Rolling Stones’ official YouTube channel last week.

Keith Richards Telecasters

Keith Richards has played plenty of guitars over the years, but he’s most readily identified with the Fender Telecaster. From 1975 to well into the 1980s, a black Tele Custom (pictured) was his main standard tuning electric onstage. It also proved useful when discouraging stage invasions.

One of Keith’s most iconic guitars is Micawber, the early 1950s butterscotch Tele he’s owned since Exile On Main St. that’s his number one open-G guitar. Strung with just five strings (G D G B D low-high) and featuring a replacement brass six-saddle bridge and a Gibson PAF in the neck position, if one guitar is the sound of The Rolling Stones, it’s this.

Telecaster Keith Richards

Do you spend your time during a Stones concert trying to figure out what year, make or model of guitar Keith Richards is playing during each tune? Do you wonder what tuning he’s playing in? Do you wish you could get up close and personal with some of Keith’s vintage axes? Well, have we got the low down for you! Thanks to Johnny Starbuck, one of the men behind the scenes on stage with the Stones each night, as well as Rich from Richard Henry Guitars in the UK we have put together some of the most current photos and information available on Keith’s bevy of beautiful instruments.